Project Description

Europe is portrayed by a set of challenges – unemployment, poverty and social exclusion, terrorism, the mass influx of refugees and ecological construction – that has face to move forward. For such reasons, over the last years, the EU has paid increased attention to a new and progressive vision of combating inequalities that stems from sustainable development. In 2015, all EU member states and other countries in the United Nations have adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, while in 2018, the first Report for Sustainable Equality (2019-2024) was published. In successfully dealing with these crises, Europe needs to endorse a different approach to European Governance that draws upon sustainable development and equality. Ultimate victory is the proof that Europe may empower critical voting among youth that will allow for better decision-making across the EU.

The first objective of this project is to empower youth to act as agents of change for building a Europe of sustainable development and equality by enhancing their critical-voting literacy that includes: (a) media and news literacy; (b) socio-emotional literacy, and (c) social-justice literacy. To do so, this project draws upon the strategies of critical literacy and experiential learning, by using new technologies, and innovative methodologies, such as collaborative role play and simulations, problem-based learning, critical-incidents analysis, and virtual communities of learning and practice.

Another important objective of this project is to promote youth’s and teachers’ training to enhance their competences in using such methodologies so as to meet the first objective.