De La Salle College is very proud to have participated in this project. It has been enlightening to listen to and share experiences with other partners and schools from across Europe related to critical thinking, media literacy and socio emotional literacy. 

The activities created in this project for schools are very useful and we hope they will help in creating better European and global citizens for the future as they allow students to think outside of the box, reflect and assess information particularly from the media and also be able to make decisions based on their analysis of information.

University of Thessaly

The project EUROVOTERS was really useful both for students and teachers. It is noteworthy to realize how important is the role of the school to the critical thinking of young voters and especially to the sustainable development of Europe. Critical thinking is the base of democratic societies, so schools have to develop this way of thinking by multiplying the teaching tasks referring to it.


The training was intended to conclude a project related to the empowerment of young voters for the a Europe of sustainable development and equality. 

Meeting and discussing with our fellow participants, made us realise that the issues that young people in Malta are facing, are very similar to those of the other participating countries. 

These include voting patterns which are dictated by family allegiances, a lack of socio-emotional literacy and a deficit in media literacy and critical thinking. 

These shortcomings result in the election of political leaders who may not be up to the required standards. This in turn in the perpetuation of socio-economic inequalities. 

Through this training we could conclude that the importance of young voters being able to think critically is of paramount importance if we want Europe to have a sustainable future.


An excellent training event within a very interesting and successful project

Santa Elena school’s opinion about the Project EUROVOTERS.

We think is a really important project for the future of the EU.

Young European people who will become new voters have not a critical thinking about political parties, economy, social justice issues, etc.

Young people are very influenced by their families and social networks, fake news and political campaigns with posters that impact directly on their minds.

In conclusion, we must make our young people conscious about all of these issues and we have to make it possible our students develop a critical thinking so they will be able to become critical voters with their own ideas not other people ideas.