De La Salle Sixth Form Malta

De La Salle Sixth Form Malta is run by the International De La Salle Order which was founded in France by St John Baptist De La Salle in 1684 and which was subsequently established in Malta in 1903.

De La Salle Sixth Form  is attended by approximately  three hundred 16-18 year old students who  are inspired to achieve academic excellence and personal success and are actively supported to reach their full academic potential.  De La Salle educates the whole person and the educational curriculum at the college includes not only intellectual and skill development but very importantly too, personal, moral and physical development.  It is for this reason that students are strongly encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular life of the Sixth Form, including sport, community activities, music and social events.  With such a thriving Sixth Form the nature and range of opportunities are varied and wide ranging. The school ethos is strong on creativity, encouraging its students to pursue their talents.

The College has over 30 academic teaching staff, all of whom are well-qualified graduates and specialists in both their own fields of study and in sixth form work. Collectively they make a highly professional team, committed to helping students realise their full potential and achieve their goals. Staff are friendly and supportive and are interested in students as individuals, so that staff student relationships in the College are excellent. The administration and teachers at De La Salle, believe very much in ongoing staff formation and training. A good number of staff members  have the opportunity to attend courses overseas financed thanks to a KA1 Erasmus Plus Programme and the school has also participated and participates in a number of Erasmus Plus Ka2 projects.

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